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The roots of DPS go deep, in fact over half a century deep. Seeped in rich Indian values and ethos. The tree itself rises high up into the modern skies , branching across global cultures, accumulating the best that the world has to offer. Its fruit the global citizen, intellectually and academically sound with enduring values that gives him the strength of character. Yet ,open to the world and at home, anywhere in it. That’s the DPS student, a true global citizen. .

Our institution, apart from academic excellence provides environment to propagate cultural, traditional, moral and spiritual values of life. Education reflects the spirit of the age. Its shapes and moulds the students according to its new ideas. Thus our school is not only confined to the educational sphere but it is a mission also to cut across the barriers of caste and smooth out inequalities imposed by birth and other circumstances....


To ensure the proper physical, mental and moral growth of the pupils and to create in them a zest for learning in tune with ....

Mission and Objective

It is our mission to blend the strong cultural fundamentals of the Gurukul heritage and other traditional systems with advanced modern ....

Code of Conduct

All staff members of the Delhi Public School will conduct themselves with integrity in their public and private lives ....


DPS Inaugural Ceremony (Click Start Button to play video)

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